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At BEPC Inc., we are totally committed to improve, benefit and support our community. This is why we will be working continuously, as a team, in different activities throughout the year, supporting our local institutions.



The BEPC Inc. team went to another BECOMMUNITY event! This time, we visited HAS (Hogar de Amor y Superación). We shared a lot of great moments and had a lot of fun with the girls.

El comedor de la gracia


We contributed to the "El comedor de la gracia" effort which feeds more than 100 kids every day! We were honored to be able to share an extraordinary moment with them and their families. At BEPC Inc., we are completely committed to supporting our community and working together to improve them!

mech robotix


MECH Robotix is ​​the robotics and technology academy that motivates children to continue learning and developing their skills and multiple intelligence through electronics, robotics and programming.

Relay for life


Relay For Life is the signature fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Relay for Life is staffed and coordinated by volunteers in thousands of communities and 27 countries. Volunteers give of their time and effort because they believe it's time to take action against cancer.



We, as BEPC professional women, want to share our experience and time with a beautiful group of Orphan Girls that need all our love and attention. This project started three months ago with the visit to the “Hogar de Amor y Superacion“,  where we noticed the lack of opportunities and needs for this particular group of 24  girls. We wanted to make a huge difference in their lives,  so  we created a plan for a monthly visit of 2 hours during this year to organize special activities and presentations with different topics such as: Self-esteem,  Confidence, Personal care, Self-Respect, Gratitude, Drugs, Pregnancy, Perseverance, Discipline, etc. Our only purpose is to share our personal experiences and knowledge, to provide support to these beautiful girls and hope that they can have a different vision of the world, as well as help them find all the great opportunities that are available outside.

donation to Angelo State University


BEPC Inc. made a donation to Angelo State University for summer scholarships for ASU athletes. In return, we received a retired helmet from the University. "Nothing big but I hope this helps some of the athletes pay for something during the summer".

El manantial


An Association who shelter people with disabilities, we were giving different kind of products to contribute to the citizens with special needs. Once again, we realize that we have received a lot and that we need to give even more.

christmas events


In this event we had the opportunity to have an approach with 2 associations. The nursing home "Principe de Paz" and the children's dining room "De la Gracia"

BE healthy





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